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SEWING KIT – 60 Quality Sewing Accessories, Packed with Bigger Spools of Thread, Scissors and Easy to Thread Needles, Perfect Starter, Beginners, Adults, Girls, For Home and Travel – Get Creative Now!

Search No More! You Have Arrived At Your Ideal Sewing Kit From IntoHome Products!

-Have you had those days where you wished you had a needle and thread to hand?

-Frustrated with your smaller sewing kit with too many items crammed into it and almost impossible to take out the components you need?

-Not enough thread, diameter of needle eyes too tiny and Scissors either too small or flimsy?

We’ve addressed some of the issues you’ve had and attempted to make this the best possible sewing kit for you…

$18.99 $11.57

(as of 10/16/2018 at 17:00 UTC)