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Outus 7 Pieces Sewing Needles with Leather Waxed Thread Cord Drilling Awl and Thimble for Leather Repair

Outus 7 pieces sewing needles with leather waxed thread cord drilling awl and thimble for leather repair

Hand sewing needle length:
Leather needle: 53 mm
Carpet needle: 46 mm
Sail needle: 59 mm
Straight needle: 89 mm
Sack needle: 76 mm
Curved mattress needle trumpet: 50 mm
Curved mattress needle trumpet: 75 mm

Stainless steel

Package includes:
7 * Sewing needles
1 * Leather waxed thread cord
1 * Stitching awl
1 * Sewing thimble

$12.99 $7.29

(as of 10/01/2017 at 13:06 UTC)