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20 Large Bobbins for Industrial Sewing Consew Juki Cutex Brand

Pack Of 20 Brand New Large Capacity (M Size) Bobbins For Industrial Sewing Machines. Bobbin #18034. Bobbin measurement : 1″ diameter, 3/8″ thick. This popular bobbin is also sold under these numbers : DO-DBM(1)N, 117061-001, R1143, 18034, B9117-201-000, MF25B0123, 201143000 These high quality bobbins will fit industrial sewing machines including : Brother : B745, B747, B791, B792, B797, B798 Chandler : DY-337 Consew : 204RB, 205RB, 206RB, 208RB, 306RB Feiyue : FY5318 Gammill : Quilters Golden Wheel : CS-305L, CSU-4100H, CSZ-3211 Janome : DB-J706S Juki : DNU-241, DNU-1541, DU-141H Meistergramm : M800XL Mitsubishi : DY-330, DY-337, DY-340, DY349 Nakajima : 180L, 280L, 280LY, 321L, 341L, 381L, 580L, 680L, 880L, DBU-70L Nitaka : DY-350L, 370L Rex : 11-155 Seiko : H-2B, HC-2BL, HCL-2BL, LCW Series, LSC-8BL, LTW-27BL, NCL-2BL, STH-3BL Sunstar : D-146BL, KM-340BL, KM-380, KM-390, KM-590BL Tacsew : T111-155 Unicorn : DB2-H312, DY-H340, LS2-H540 Yamata : FY5318 color of bobbins may vary


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